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EDIT – because I just learned of it: Why the “Critical” in Critical Thinking. Go read.

I am sure that most people have not thought much about why it’s called “critical thinking” and, when asked, would probably assume that “critical” refers to its importance (especially skeptics). However, they would only be partially correct. “Critical” means “crucial”, but it also refers to discriminating judgments. Critical thinking is an process in which we distinguish accurate information from inaccurate information and/or determine the best course of action given a set of possibilities.


…before I go, that is:

The Pod Delusion, a very popular podcast (and radio show) features an interview I did with Susan Gerbic, about ‘Guerilla Skepticism on Wikipedia’. You can find that here: Episode 110 – 11th November, 2011. And yes, I have pointed out to them that in the show notes, they should feature

The next episode of the Pod Delusion will (hopefully) feature a short interview I conducted with Michael McRae. Since his book ‘Tribal Science: Brains, Beliefs and Bad Ideas’ will soon be published in the USA by Prometheus Books (the same people who publish a number of pro-skeptical books), I thought of sending out that short interview to help drum up some interest. In Australia, it’s available through the University of Queensland press at Tribal Science: Brains, Beliefs and Bad Ideas, which you can see at the Penguin Books site.

I nearly forgot to add – Survey for the Token Skeptic podcast.


The Token Skeptic podcast debuted on 26th December, 2009 and it is the first solo female podcast show (non-radio broadcast) in the skepticism category on iTunes. It’s now up to its 85th episode and I need you to tell me what’s going to happen next!

Do you listen? Why? Why not? What could be improved? What would make you consider being a listener? Do you just want to fill in basic demographics and write a short cheery note at the end as to what skeptical podcasting needs in general? Here’s your chance.

Other than that? JREF has a call-out – Calling All Educators:

If you are a teacher who makes critical thinking, skepticism, or information literacy part of your curriculum, we want to hear from you. We at the JREF want to learn more about the various resources educators are bringing into the classroom to inform and inspire their students to take a more critical approach to navigating our information-rich world.

…Email with your syllabus, lesson plans, or a list of favorite books, videos, or websites for students. We look forward to learning from the creative ways you make skepticism part of the classroom experience.

Yes, I’m a member of their Education Panel (and if you haven’t heard the Skepticality Episode from Dragon*Con, you should go listen to it here: Education Panel Discussion: Educating vs. Debunking) – and do help out if you can!

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