Sign The Delta Anti-Vaccination Flyer Petition

I fly internationally. I fly Delta. I care about people’s healthI signed. Will you?

National Vaccine Information Center’s ad running on Delta flights discourages people from receiving the flu vaccine by downplaying the seriousness of the flu and instructing individuals to visit their “vaccine information” website.

An ad by the NVIC earlier this year which pointed Times Square visitors to their website was condemned by the American Academy of Pediatrics as being harmful, unfounded, unscientific and misleading.

The NVIC is a notorious anti-vaccine organization, whose name and website are designed to give the impression that they are a legitimate government agency. However their “vaccine information” is designed to frighten the public and encourage individuals to opt out of protecting themselves and their children through immunization.

According to the CDC, each year the flu kills up to as many as 49,000 people in the US and the WHO estimates up to 500,000 people globally with up to 5 million severe cases.

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  • Kylie Sturgess

    As Orac says in the comments of his blog:

    The video starts out with a lot of (mostly) uncontroversial health advice. (The vitamin C claim is dodgy, but other than that…) Then, about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way in, the flu vaccine is mentioned as an “option” (note the choice of words) along with (again, seemingly uncontroversial) advice to read the package insert and ask your doctor questions. Then, the NVIC starts hawking its website as an aid to the viewer becoming an “educated, informed health care consumer.” Then, it’s only when a viewer visits the NVIC website that he will be exposed to the unfiltered, unvarnished anti-vaccine message, including claims that Gardasil is “killing girls,” that the flu vaccine is harmful and unnecessary, that vaccines cause autism and other neurdevelopmental conditions, and that vaccines are chock full of “toxins.”

  • Aliasalpha

    Well I don’t fly internationally (since I can’t afford a passport much less plane tickets) but I signed too

  • hoverfrog

    Mine makes 1159 signatures.

    What sort of idiot campaigns against vaccinations? Do they want people to get sick?

    • Aliasalpha

      Sanity is an increasingly rare resource these days. I am beginning to suspect that its a finite resource shared over the entire population and as it grows, the amount of sanity per person diminishes.

      Antivaxxing makes about as much sense as arguing that a stab wound that punctures the aorta should be allowed to heal naturally because its better than introducing foreign substances (like sutures) into the body.

      Based on the mercifully slim contact I’ve had with them, the kind of person who is an antivaxxer seems to be the type to automatically defer to someone who wears a white coat and has a phd (even if that phd is in something like economics) as an alternative to thinking for themselves.

      Then there’s the other sort, the kind of wakefieldy type who has a financial stake in discrediting the current treatment because he wants to sell the alternative

    • lordshipmayhem

      Yes, I signed – even though I seldom fly anywhere, let alone overseas. I know enough who do, and don’t want them to spread anything.

      Most of the anti-vaxxers seem to be homoeopathic and other alt-med believers, and disbelievers in the Germ Theory of Disease (“it’s all humours and energy lines”, in other words). All of the anti-vaxxers are anti-science, either because of a lack of understanding about what the Scientific Method is, or because the scientific evidence contradict their superstitions, and the superstitions hold more sway.

  • Kylie Sturgess

    I’d like to point out – some concerns on Facebook were being raised about the claim that ” there’s no evidence that being in a plane increases your risk of getting an airborn infection.”

    Ben Radford has responded with:

    For what it’s worth, I recall reading that if anything airplane air is actually much cleaner than air in other enclosed places because it continuously circulates through HEPA and other filters that trap viruses and contaminants. Of course, if you are seated next to a coughing flu patient you’re in trouble, but that’s true anywhere.

    I agree. My concern is that (as the petition says) – ‘… their “vaccine information” is designed to frighten the public and encourage individuals to opt out of protecting themselves and their children through immunization.’

    Leading people to see the NVIC website as an authority regarding vaccinations is something Delta should seriously reconsider.

    • Aliasalpha

      Its a shame that vaccines themselves can’t sue for defamation