Sunday Morning Survey – Can The Catholic Church Ever Make Amends?

Sunday Morning Survey – Because I Went Out Last Night And Caught Up With Friends In Northbridge And I Really Need A Cup Of Tea While Writing A Blog-Post In Order To Wake Myself Up So I Can See The Family Later Today And Be Coherent To Remember Where Their House Is.

Inspired by breaking news: Vatican stunned by Irish embassy closure

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Catholic Ireland’s stunning decision to close its embassy to the Vatican is a huge blow to the Holy See’s prestige and may be followed by other countries which feel the missions are too expensive, diplomatic sources said on Friday.

The closure brought relations between Ireland and the Vatican, once ironclad allies, to an all-time low following the row earlier this year over the Irish Church’s handling of sex abuse cases and accusations that the Vatican had encouraged secrecy.

In July, the Vatican took the highly unusual step of recalling its ambassador to Ireland after Prime Minister Enda Kenny accused the Holy See of obstructing investigations into sexual abuse by priests.

The Irish parliament passed a motion deploring the Vatican’s role in “undermining child protection frameworks” following publication of a damning report on the diocese of Cloyne.

The Cloyne report said Irish clerics concealed from the authorities the sexual abuse of children by priests as recently as 2009, after the Vatican disparaged Irish child protection guidelines in a letter to Irish bishops.

In other words, ka-bloody-boom.

I’m kind of surprised. Are you? But then, I had a student, years ago, introduce me to the history of the Magdalene asylums. She had a great aunt who took her aside at one family gathering and politely explained  why she wouldn’t go to their soon-to-be-held confirmation. The great aunt was once put into one of those asylums (although she was fine with the other members of her family making their own choices regarding their levels of faith) – and there was no way she was going anywhere near a Catholic church ever again, no matter how many great-nieces or nephews had pending confirmations, weddings or what-have-you.

My student then announced to the rest of the family  that there was no way she’d want to be confirmed in a church that did this to women and promptly left Catholicism for good.

Could there be anything that would make amends for even that one example – let alone make an entire country change their mind?

By the way – the film is indeed ‘R-rated’ but the trailer is not.

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