Thanksgiving Is Something Like This, Yes?

Much love, everywhere else in the world.

I do not endorse any of the content or actions in this film; I always use a cup and don’t even drink alcohol.

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  • Cuttlefish

    Pretty much like that, yep–this year, anyway. But chili, not mac & cheese. Turkey is later, when Cuttledaughter returns home. That’s the real thanksgiving. Today, we are calling “Thursday”. Catchy, no?

    Happy Thursday, my dearest friend Kylie!

    • Aliasalpha

      I’ve never understood people’s love of turkey, its like chicken that didn’t try hard enough to be tasty

  • Chris

    Actually for us, Thanksgiving traditionally means a storm that causes some kind of issue, and the occasional medical emergency. Two Thanksgivings in a row my father-in-law was called out to deal with downed power lines (he worked for the power company).

    The most infamous was then two year old son getting croup, and he had a great deal of difficulty breathing. We left grandparents’ house with him and his infant brother… but instead of going home we turned onto the road to the children’s hospital. We spent that one at the hospital.

    It was also during a very big storm, one that sank a bridge later that weekend.

    And two years later on Thanksgiving my hubby and his sister took the boy to the emergency room for a raging ear infection. It was also during a storm.

    I really wish we had Thanksgiving the same day as Canada. Early October is much more sensible, at least as far as weather goes. And the time until (*&^%$#!) Christmas is a bit longer.

    • Aliasalpha

      Buck the system, throw a dart at a year long calendar and arbitrarily declare that whatever date it lands on is now thanksgiving

      • Chris

        I wish I could. But my mother-in-law likes it just the way it is, because drives up to Vancouver, BC and spend Canadian Thanksgiving with her sisters. Then she has it with us in November. She gets two per year!