Alom Shaha – Science and Education

In his talk at the Ri Unconference 2011, science communicator and teacher Alom Shaha challenges the next generation of scientists and educators to rethink the type of science taught in schools.

“There are an awful lot of facts that you could learn at school. The question is which of those facts should you learn? Should we concentrate on the big ideas like evolution, or should we look at modern science and things that are more relevant?”

Alom asks how we can gain a population that knows more about science and how the status of the science teaching in the UK can be raised to attract better qualified teachers who think differently about both science and education.

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  • opposablethumbs, que le pouce enragé mette les pouces

    I guess the brief for this was specifically to raise questions, not answer them, but I can’t help wishing Alom Shaha could have included more of his own opinions – they’re always worth hearing!

    His Science vs Magic demo-talk is great too. Which I got to see because we’re lucky – one of my kids has been a pupil of his :-)

    Was a nice surprise to see this – I usually hang around Pharyngula, for the most part, so I wasn’t really expecting to see something quite this close to home pop up on ftb.