…And Then, Like A #StopTheAVN Plane Appearing In The Sky…

Edit to add photo – credit to @thewetmale

…the world doesn’t seem such a bad place to be in. At least not today.

Operation Nutcracker Media Release.

While unhappy that Ms Dorey will still be speaking at Woodford, the Stop the AVN Facebook group, a loose-knit consortium of concerned citizens, scientists,  doctors and nurses, decided to use a little humour in order to have ‘the last word’.

The group has hired an aircraft to fly over the Woodford Folk Festival site during the two hours surrounding Ms Dorey’s appearance.
Between 1.45 and 3.45pm on Thursday, 29 December, the plane will tow a banner with the message: VACCINATION SAVES LIVES.

Volunteers will be on the ground to hand out flyers after Ms Dorey’s appearance in the Blue Lotus tent at 2.15pm. The flyer addresses some of the myths about vaccination and counters them with facts.

Look up! Look up everyone!

Interested? Click the banner below. I so hope it makes a difference. By the way, there’s a few Tweeters who are live-tweeting the talk.

Vaccination Saves Lives: Stop The Australian Vaccination Network

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Unholy Trinity Australia Tour Video
Unholy Trinity Melbourne Review (AKA From Up The Gods Without God)
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  • Boiling_Gnome

    This is great. Wish I wasn’t working so I could be there to see it & help. :-)

  • Snivelling Little Ratfaced Git

    Great stuff. Funny, I never received a reply to the email I sent the Woodford organisers…

    • Kylie Sturgess

      Might have been the ‘rat’ element in your name. I’m not sure, but they might balk at that. ;)

      • Snivelling Little Ratfaced Git

        :-) nah, I even used my real name and address. Hopefully it’s because they were inundated with emails!

  • Aliasalpha

    How much are skywriters? Maybe next time they can get the words “Dorey Dorey Pants On Fire” written in the sky

    • Kylie Sturgess

      They in fact talked about this in the interview I just conducted – and no, that’s potentially libelous. Having a positive message is more important.

      • Aliasalpha

        Its not like its actually calling her a liar, its all in the connections made with the rhyme in the head of the observer

        Besides, wouldn’t there have to be a comparison of evidence if she brought suit? No way she’d win that