Attenborough Does A Shatner With ‘A Wonderful World’

Now that I have your attention…

HA! And you thought that it’d all be lovely British accents, didn’t you? Well, there’s quite a lot of UK accents in the following – you should go check out these links too:

The UK PodDelusion podcast features a little interview I conducted with author and science communicator Michael McRae. His book, Tribal Science: Brains, Beliefs and Bad Ideas is published by both Uni Queensland Press and (very soon) Prometheus Books in the USA.

How do you define science? And whose theories are the right ones? Take a humorous and intriguing journey through the unchartered territory of scientific squabbles with scientist Mike McRae, Australia’s next-gen Dr Karl, as he reveals arguments and accusations about who is right and who is wrong in the world of science. 

There’s an e-book version, both here and also found here.

In other news: Help With the Te Araroa Walk For Christchurch

One guy – one walk – FROM ONE END OF NEW ZEALAND (yes, two islands!) to the other.

In doing so, he’s supporting skeptic and pro-women charities (NZ Skeptics Society, Women’s Refuge) as well as the recovering earthquake-epicentre town of Christchurch with funds raised.

Along the way, there’ll be blogging and photographs of the most amazing natural wildlife and surrounds, which will also be available to be purchased and even licensed to be exclusively used. Major Sponsors still sought for help with equipment and supplies – and you too can help with your donations to keep the walk going!

Here is the supporters page and there’s a number of people who have got behind this initiative. Please spread the word to encourage more sponsors and check out the site – it starts very soon and I’ll keep you up to date with how it’s going!

Also in the news – the SSA are looking for help with logo designers (Secular Safe Zone), so go read the details and help out there too.

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