Christmas Coming A Little Early (Change Nearly As Good As A Holiday)

Wednesday night is usually just the-middle-of-the-week. Today, however, it was:

Dye my hair a new colour – well, two colours, actually. This is me, out in the bushland, trying to track down some black swans with my camera, for a friend.

Pop on a Santa hat…

…and work at the science museum here in my home town, where I’ve been volunteering for the past year. Tonight was the children’s Christmas party for the ‘SciTrekkers’ (people who have yearly memberships for entry and get discounts and so forth). There were about seven hundred or so people attending, mostly kids.

We made filter paper christmas ornaments…

…and ginger-bread smelling playdough (this was SERIOUSLY tempting, but inedible. I’ll have to see about making some of the real stuff this season, to take to parties)…

…and we watched events like the Curiosity Science Show, exploding flour and balloons and other things – FOR SCIENCE!

And I’m surprised we survived it all, quite frankly. But it was brilliant. And I’m so freaking exhausted. If I don’t blog for a bit, this is why. Phew.

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  • Brian Engler

    I like the hair! You look good but you need to take it easy occasionally. Cheers and Happy Holidays!