Make Your Nominations For The UK Skeptic Awards 2011 (With A Blatant Request)

Make your nominations for The Skeptic Awards 2011!

The Skeptic Magazine is delighted, for the first time, to be giving awards celebrating skeptical activity in several categories during 2011. As well as an ‘Editors’ Choice’ award for lifetime achievement, we have five other categories – and for those we’re going to need your help. Please join in, by voting for:

  • The best podcast
  • The best blog
  • The best event, campaign or outreach event of the year. This could be an organisation or website that has done a particular task over a period of time, or it could be one event which has helped to raise public awareness of a skeptical issue
  • The best science video clip on the web
  • The best sceptical video clip on the web

Okay, sure, I have a podcast and this blog, but I’m going to be voting for some other people’s works. Of course I’m going to be voting for the 10:23 Campaign, which was a huge and wonderful part of my skeptical involvement this year. No surprise there.

But I’d rather make a blatant plug for two video projects that came out this year. They’ve both come out in 2011, so they fit within the awards category.

What do they say when Oscar nominations are being made? Please Consider:

For the best skeptical video clip on the web – by Kylie Sturgess, Matt Rogers and Milton Mermikides: Little Sugar Pills: Why Fall For Homeopathy? Found at

This one is mine, but it is created by the awesome Matt Rogers of Rogers Creations and the music is by UK genius Milton Mermikides.


For the best science video clip on the web – by Daniel Keogh: The Strange Powers of the Placebo Effect. Found at

The other one is by a brilliant, brilliant person – a local science communicator by the name of Daniel Keogh, aka Professor Funk – and once you view it, you’ll understand why I think it’s an excellent example of science outreach via video. This short film went viral earlier this year due to being noticed by Gizmondo; but I think that his work in particular should be acknowledged and valued more than it currently is.

 Head to the UK skeptic site to vote, at

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