SciTech Christmas Party (…And One Last Message About Giving And Gilliam’s Greetings)

Oh, okay, but just because I Tweeted about it today. Then no more blog-posts for a while. This is the gang I volunteer my time with at the local science outreach museum – we are assembled for a group Christmas photo, before heading out to the party!

SciTech 2011 And Horizon The Planetarium

SciTech Christmas 2011

This is what I call a ‘Flaming Renée‘ (c’est magnifique):

Flaming Renée

 You can find the rest of the photos on my Flickr account.

Just in closing – remember my earlier blog-post about being involved locally – The Life You Can Save – Seasonal Giving And Charities Close To Home?

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki has a suggestion: is the new web site from Do Something! By typing in your postcode, it will show you community groups and initiatives that you can get involved with in your local community – no matter where you live in Australia.

…and because he’s my favorite director:

That’s it – shoo, go enjoy the holidays!

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