Skeptics, Conspiracy Theories And ‘Spacecraft’ Spotted Near Mercury!

New Token Skeptic podcast out! Many, many thanks to Derek Colanduno of and Mark Ditzler at Abrupt Media for providing the audio, which was recorded at Dragon*Con.

Episode Ninety-Two – On The Truth About Conspiracy Theories – Dragon*Con 2011 Panel

“The stories spawned by conspiracy theorists are as numerous and varied as they are improbably. This panel will explore many of these stories and the people telling them.”

Robert Blaskiewicz is a Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he teaches courses in writing and twentieth-century American literature. He co-edits the blog Skeptical Humanities and he has authored a number of articles for the Skeptical Inquirer Magazine. Tom Lolis received his PhD at the University of Miami. His teaching and research focus on Renaissance literature, graphic novels, and the history and rhetoric of dissenting communities. Benjamin Radford is deputy editor of the science magazine Skeptical Inquirer, and a columnist for Skeptical Inquirer magazine Skeptical Briefs newsletter, Discovery News, and He also co-hosts, Skeptic magazine’s audio podcast MonsterTalk.

And I just want to share this comment from this YouTube video:  “Spacecraft Spotted Near Mercury” – This, conspiracy theorists say, is proof of the existence of a huge alien spacecraft using a ‘cloaking device’. A Youtube video analyzing the discovery has received over 165,000 hits in just a few days as conspiracy theorists excitedly discuss their new ‘discovery’.




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