Skeptics, Women And SkeptiXX – Featuring An Interview With Marian Call

As Pharyngula put it:

The blog is We Are SkeptiXX, and the intent is to promote more female representation in the skeptical movement. 

Sound familiar? Yes, check out similar sites like SheThought and More Women In Skepticism and Hoyden About Town! I’m keen to support diversity rather than homogeneity when it comes to women’s voices in skepticism and I’m pleased to see another site appear. The more the merrier.

Unfortunately, this will be the most I blog for a little while. Work has stepped up a little again and I’ve got an unfinished project. What you can do, however, is read the transcript of the interview with Marian Call that features on the site… and support her work!:

Kylie Sturgess:  For people who aren’t familiar with your music, I tried to find a way to describe it, and it’s kind of a difficult style to pin down. Then you Tweeted something about how someone said your work was “Django Death Metal Typewriter Jane Austen Music” – I thought… Wow. That’s fantastic!

Marian Call:  I think some of the time it’s accurate. I tend to mesh very unlike styles and very unlike topics. In that case, it was my guitarist complaining about all the many different styles I was asking him to play at the same time: “Yes, like that. Like jazz, but with more power chords, like pretend it’s Black Sabbath. Don’t forget this is about Jane Austen, so it has to be kind of springy and light, a little bit…” and he was just cracking up!

It’s the one conducted for the Token Skeptic podcast earlier this year (Episode #85) and I was looking for a good place for it to appear; I hope you enjoy it! You can also follow @WeAreSkeptiXX on Twitter.

When things are less hectic, I’ll get back into blogging – until then, feel free to check out the site and consider becoming a contributor too.

More podcasts will be out soon on Token Skeptic podcast.

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