Sunday Morning Survey – Should Christmas Be For Everyone (With A Little Calvin And Hobbes)?

Sunday Morning Survey – Up Early Because A Friend Is Having Birthday Brunch In About Two Hours And I Am Going To Collapse For The Rest Of The Day So I Might As Well Exercise The Brain Cells At Least Once Before Then.

Someone in the comments (hello!) for another post was rather surprised and thrilled to notice that I referenced Alom Shaha. In fact, Alom Shaha is coming to my home town, to the Perth Writers Festival – so do subscribe to this blog’s feed and to Alom’s Twitter stream to keep up to date about that!

But in the meantime, here’s something he’s written previously about atheism and Christmas – Christmas should be for everyone, atheists included; we should rejoice in the fact that Christmas is celebrated by people of all faiths and even those with none:

I know I wasn’t the only kid from a Muslim family at my school to wish I could experience Christmas in its full glory; now, as an adult free to make my own choices, I can. Like many atheists, I will be sitting down with family and friends for a special meal on 25 December. We will exchange presents and sit around feeling warm and fuzzy about each other, looking upon the world in general with a little more hope and forgiveness than usual.

 And here’s a thought to warm your cockles until they glow – many of my Muslim friends also celebrate Christmas, going as far as putting up a tree and eating a special family meal on the day. Unlike the Muslims featured in the Daily Mail who want to ban Christmas, these Muslims cheerfully ignore any irony, or potential sin against Islam, and embrace the joy of the season, their only concession to religion being to substitute a halal chicken in the place of turkey.

What are your views about Christmas – do you do as Penn Jillette does and only give presents to celebrate the New Year instead of Christmas? Or do you have a different reason for the season?

Speaking of which – we don’t get snow here, but I can see how another interpretation of the season could be rather joy-giving:

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