Token Skeptic Podcast – Andy Lewis Of Quackometer On Stanislaw Burszynski, Streisand Effects And Standing Up For Skeptical Bloggers

Head to the Token Skeptic podcast for Episode #91.

The UK Observer on Sunday 20th November 2011, published a moving article about a four-year old girl, Billie Banbridge, and an effort to raise money to seek treatment for her inoperable brain tumor. Despite the noble goal and heartwarming effort, featuring the contributions of a number of celebrities like the band Radiohead and Cheryl Cole, the treatment being sought was at Stanislaw Burszynski clinic in Texas.

A number of bloggers, who have been keeping track of the claims of this clinic over several years, voiced their concern that patients like Billie and their families were risking time and money, as well as putting their health in danger. The first blogger to report a threat from an employee of clinic itself was Andy Lewis of Quackometer, who has been lending support to fellow bloggers and maintaining a vigilant approach to communicating the facts under significant pressure to be silenced.

References made during the show:

Josephine Jones’s blog

Rhys Morgan’s website

True to Andy Lewis’ words, on Tuesday, 29th November, The Guardian newspaper reported on Rhys Morgan’s posting of the entire correspondence from Marc Stephens on his blog. The Burszynski clinic has revealed that Stephens was only a web marketing contractor and that ‘no one approved [Stephens] sending pictures of Morgan’s house to him’. At time of podcasting this episode, more and more bloggers are continuing to question claims by the Burszynski clinic.

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