A Sad Atheist Story – From Reddit

“Sometimes these FB posts can hurt… and there’s simply no witty comment you can make in reply.”

Tomorrow, work begins – I’ll see you when it’s all done. Until then, I’ll post a few links to things that are happening, but won’t be blogging “properly” for a while. I hope you’ll promote them, if you like them. Be kind to each other.

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Australia And Friday 13th – A Skeptical Viewpoint
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  • Irreverend Bastard

    The love of a Christian is easy to recognize. They love God, and they love those who love God.

    The rest can go to Hell, and as soon as possible, please.

    Religion poisons everything.

  • Quincyme

    As hurtful as it seems at the moment, you are well rid. Just think, that if you ever asked them for something that caused them to make a choice between you as a friend and their god, it’s now apparent which side they would be on. Saves the suffering from when it might be important.

  • carlie

    And then the update is that the first person deleted the second person’s comment and blocked them. Nice. Can’t even let the criticism of their comment stand, won’t even refute it or defends themselves, just wipes it off as if it never happened.

  • http://furiouspurpose.me rorschach

    Went to the Cricket at the MCG with my fundie Christian friend the other night. She had just spent 7 days of 8 hours hard labor a day in a theology seminary. We had fries,and had a good time. She would never insult me by getting into a god debate, we can be friends without that. Her fundie god gets in the way of any hanky panky, but I can live with that. It’s taken me 4 years to get her to even go out with me, but with patience, tolerance and humour I have made some inroads into this fundie’s delusions. Just takes time to reverse the damage done.

  • http://www.decrepitoldfool.com george.w

    As hurtful as it seems at the moment, you are well rid.

    I can’t easily shrug off the loss of a friend when fundie poison gets in the way. And that very thing has happened to me – my best friend from college 30 years ago, who is a minister today. He is stuck in some lines of thought that I find utterly repellent. All I can feel from it is a sense of loss – of the friendship that might have been.

    • Kylie Sturgess

      I suffer from the loss of friendships, everyday. Some songs I can’t listen to. Some books I can’t read. Websites I don’t go to. It’s not easy. Which is probably why I prefixed this with ‘sad’ as I can’t see it as otherwise.

  • Scott Strehlow

    Maybe they should post the unredacted screen-shot to their own wall. The other person can’t delete it then. They might not see it but their common friends might.

  • mas528

    Sorry Kylie.

    I’m reading this on a blackberry and it is a *very* limited reader.

    I did not follow all of the links, so my comment was misdirected.

    • Kylie Sturgess

      Hi, it’s ok! Thanks for the sentiments. :)

  • physioprof

    Religion is one of the worst impulses of humanity, up there in its destructiveness and cause of pain, suffering, and death with murder, war, rape, and genocide.

    • Kylie Sturgess

      I would have said it’s just a by-product of being human: not always being human to others.

  • Retired Prodigy Bill

    Twitter makes me fond of people I’ll never meet, Facebook makes me despair about people whom I know.

    Losing friends IS sad, even when it is the least painful choice. But you cannot control the thoughts and behavior of other people, at most you can sometimes influence them. As long as you’ve been a good person — and it seems you have — that’s all that ultimately counts.

  • http://peicurmudgeon.wordpress.com/ peicurmudgeon

    My partner and I were talking about somethihng that is pretty much the same thing. On my side and hers, we have family memebers who are gay, and the conversation wandewred over into some coming out stories. There are many parents who have cut off their children when they found out their sexuality did not match their idea of the ‘norm’. Their feelings about this ‘norm ‘ are stronger than their feelings for their chidlren. This is something I cannot understand.

    I too have lost friends over my atheism, it hurts. It certainly does.

  • ‘Tis Himself, OM.

    I’m estranged from my brother because of my atheism. It’s painful.

  • gwen

    I had the same sort of interaction with a friend on FB. She deleted all of my comments, but surprisingly didn’t ‘unfriend’ me..yet! She trotted out the old trope of ‘Einstein proves god’s existence’. I pointed out that he never said any of those things, and provided links. She told me that it was still a good story, and she didn’t care. I told her that as someone with a passion for history, it is getting rewritten by the GOP, and it was something important enough to get right. You shouldn’t be spreading misinformation. She deleted my posts. I responded that the video was intellectually dishonest, and honesty is still a virtue in MY book. She took down the comment and the video, but did not ‘unfriend’ me. (surprise!)

    • http://www.decrepitoldfool.com george.w

      My wife had the same FB experience. She made ONE comment – a fairly nice one I thought – on a thread about prayer in school, to the effect that Jesus said prayer should be private, and she provided a scripture reference. Her friend sent her a nasty email and banned her.

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  • Grendel

    I have lost friends from earlier days once they dicovered that I am an atheist, so I share your sadness. I have family members who despair that I am “hell-bound” and would certainly be uncomfortable entering any kind of conversation where lack-of-religion was discussed.

    I would have to agree with Retired Prodigy Bill – my experience with Twitter has resulted in many more positive human interractions than Facebook. For me I think that is because Facebook gets used for keeping contact with people I feel I should keep in contact with. Twitter is for people I want to be in contact with.