Episode One-Hundred Of The Token Skeptic Podcast – And A Short Break

Token Skeptic Episode #100 – On One Hundred Episodes. 

Contained within this show are segments from a talk I did for the New Zealand Skeptics, called “Podcasting Skeptically: The Token Skeptic Podcast“, recorded at the New Zealand Skeptics Convention in August, 2011. It also contains clips from the second “half” of the last one-hundred episodes.

By the way – UK’s Hayley Stevens is starting a new podcast: Talk About Strange. Do yourself a favour and check it out.

Hello – this is going to be the last “proper” post from me for a while (at least until I have my new job underway, and even then, it’ll be sporadic for the reasons I’m about to give) – but if you notice this little blog-post hidden amongst what is apparently the overwhelming barrage of “Angry Gnu-Atheist bleating” that predominates the site… well, perhaps you can help me maintain a sense of humour about how things have turned out for me so far. Baaaaaaa.

There should be a new CSICOP Curiouser and Curiouser column out soonish; perhaps another one on another site that I’ll give links to when they’re done.

Why am I going? Firstly – I’m going to be teaching at a University in a Philosophy Department for a short while, in what’s known as the Summer Term here in Australia. It’s a unit I once did as a student, funnily enough (since I graduated from the same university) and it’s a compulsory one that all students have to do on Ethics. The course itself has, thankfully, changed a lot over the years. I can say this as I was one of those dreadfully eager students who never (and I mean ever) missed a lecture throughout my four years of undergraduate / Dip. Ed study, let alone a tutorial – and I still have all my notes from that class. I look back now and quite frankly, I would have avoided me. That’s a photograph taken during that time, where I’m leaning on the wheel of a replica sail-boat – I think it’s the HM Bark Endeavour Replica. I’m terribly, terribly thin, wearing the University logo on my hat (strike two when it comes to avoiding that kind of person) and even paler than I look now (if that’s at all possible).

Comparing my notes from then and now has been quite amusing and there’s a few things from the original course that I could probably refer to during class discussions (not much, but enough to jog my memory on some finer details and there’s some concepts that are common to the mid-1990s unit).

What does this all mean? I might blog a little about my experiences, but to be brutally frank, I don’t think I’ll write much at all. I’m not particularly comfortable with the notion and I’m going to be too busy trying to do the best job I can.

Other than that – the podcast is going into semi-hiatus as well, along with pretty much all of my social networking. There might be a change in the release of episodes (not that it’s ever been particularly regular, quite frankly, and I’d suggest that people check out earlier episodes if they’re keen for content) but I haven’t made up my mind as to whether I can do it fortnightly or monthly. At least one a month, I can say that.

Thanks to all the listeners. Thanks to the readers here. Thanks if you have supported me thus far.

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