It’s All In The Timing…

Yes, I’m still not “blogging”. I’m still wildly busy. As in “nearly to the end of the job I’m doing and sending off the project that has made me alternate between tears (good ones, as in being moved to sobs) and unfettered admiration” – but also a time that a quirky and rather pathetic little mystery has been solved… that has demonstrated that I am so lucky to have friends and allies online, and also firmly reminds me to not let the little things grind me down.

A musical interlude. This one is for my friends out there. And yes, podcast episodes ARE pending – I have too much grading to get through first. Grading Ethics papers is kind of fun and certainly mentally stimulating, but also gruelling.



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  • Aliasalpha

    So does wibbly wobbly mean you don’t have to have any rhythm at all since there’s never any explanation for how bad you play because you can just distract everyone by throwing daleks at them? Finally I think I’ve discovered my musical niche!

  • Andiis

    In Space, no-one can hear you wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey. :)