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Unholy Trinity Melbourne Review (AKA From Up The Gods Without God)
AstroFest Perth (Video From Previous Years)
Robin Ince Australia Tour Video
Unholy Trinity Melbourne Review (AKA From Up The Gods Without God)
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Kylie Sturgess is a Philosophy teacher, media and psychology student, blogger at Patheos and podcaster at Token Skeptic. She has conducted over a hundred interviews including artists, scientists, politicians and activists, worldwide.
She’s the author of the ‘Curiouser and Curiouser‘ column at the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry website and travels internationally lecturing on feminism, skepticism, and science.

  • Brownian

    Ha! Awesome.

    • Brownian

      But I am too a cynic.

  • Mina

    While I’m not sure it really meets the original meme’s intent, it was damn funny. “PZ wrote about me in a blog.”

    The only ones that twigged for me as being close to the original meme were the sexism ones–I won’t get in an elevator. Dawkins isn’t a sexist. I’d reply but I don’t want to get called sexist. THOSE are right on track.

    Which is…ya know…sad.

  • http://SkepticallyPwnd.com John Rael

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  • http://guerrillaskepticismonwikipedia.blogspot.com/ Susan Gerbic

    Love John Rael!

    The Snopes reference was great!

  • http://surgoshan.blogspot.com/ Surgoshan

    It took a long time, but my mom doesn’t forward emails any more; instead she asks me for help finding them on snopes. Win.