S*** Skeptics Say

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  • Brownian

    Ha! Awesome.

    • Brownian

      But I am too a cynic.

  • Mina

    While I’m not sure it really meets the original meme’s intent, it was damn funny. “PZ wrote about me in a blog.”

    The only ones that twigged for me as being close to the original meme were the sexism ones–I won’t get in an elevator. Dawkins isn’t a sexist. I’d reply but I don’t want to get called sexist. THOSE are right on track.

    Which is…ya know…sad.

  • http://SkepticallyPwnd.com John Rael

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  • http://guerrillaskepticismonwikipedia.blogspot.com/ Susan Gerbic

    Love John Rael!

    The Snopes reference was great!

  • http://surgoshan.blogspot.com/ Surgoshan

    It took a long time, but my mom doesn’t forward emails any more; instead she asks me for help finding them on snopes. Win.