Scientific American On The Skeptical Blog Anthology And SkeptiXX On Hoyden About Town/Finally A Feminism 101 Blog

I’ll just put these links here…

What is: The Young Australian Skeptics’ Skeptical Blog Anthology – Scientific American’s The Network Central:

Inspired by the Open Laboratory, the Skeptical Blog Anthology is a collection of blog-entries turned book chapters, taking online investigations and essays and preserving them beyond the life-span of a RSS feed. Plus, it was a great way for a group of young scientists and designers to put their stamp on the burgeoning skeptical-scene.

Online outreach is greatly valued amongst the skeptical community; blogs teach the basics of scientific skepticism: the promotion of science literacy and critical thinking (often using the paranormal as a pedagogical tool) and consumer protection in fringe science areas — in particular, as regards to paranormal claims [Loxton, 2007]. In addition, they provide timely and often reliable information in reaction to issues, rapid networking and much-needed critical review of claims. The Anthology aimed to further encourage emerging voices and promote a more discriminating culture amongst skeptics, by crowdsourcing and reflecting what topics and ideas are considered vital for exploration.

Read the rest of the article at The Network Central.

Over on We Are SkeptiXX – Token SkeptiXX Interview – TigTog Of Hoyden About Town And Finally A Feminism 101 Blog:

Along with “Hoyden About Town“, TigTog is also one of the people behind “Lavartus Prodeo“, a very influential popular culture and politics blog. In addition, she is the creator of the “Finally, a Feminism 101 blog“, an invaluable resource when it comes to discussing feminism online, and referenced by a great many blogs, including the previously interviewed Karen of “More Women in Skepticism” blog.

TigTog: That was, again, back from when I started blogging in 2005-2006. There were an awful lot of people, an awful lot of contrarians and really active anti-feminists dropping into discussions on feminism and demanding that the basics get explained to them. “How can I understand what you’re saying when I don’t understand what this is, when I don’t understand what that is? Drop what you’re talking about and educate me now!” That was kind of the attitude!

Because I’ve been on news groups on UseNet through the ’90s, and they always had an FAQ, whenever somebody did that sort of thing on a UseNet news group it was,”Bugger off newbie, go and read the FAQ!” Sometimes people were more polite, but that was essentially the sentiment.

There were a whole heap of people who were new to these discussion groups online, who’d never been on news groups, never gone through that “netiquette” idea – so I decided to create an FAQ that was more specific to the blogs.

Read the rest at We Are Token SkeptiXX.

Many, many thanks to both Bora, Julia and TigTog – and I hope you enjoy your Wednesday!

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