WA Fail – Whooping Cough Epidemic With Double The Cases Since 2010

An article on the Stop The Australian Vaccination Network has been submitted to the Curiouser and Curiouser column over on CSICOP – here’s yet another reason to be concerned (even on the other side of the country, where I am) about vaccination rates.


ABC News Breakfast segment on WA’s steadily rising pertussis epidemic, brought on by low immunisation levels.

Sydney Morning Herald: A whooping cough epidemic is rampant in Western Australia, prompting the Health Department to warn parents about the need to vaccinate against the infectious and potentially fatal respiratory disease. The recorded infection rate more than doubled from 1458 in 2010 to 3597 by December 23, 2011. Director of Communicable Disease Control Dr Paul Armstrong said November had the most recorded cases, with 704 people infected.

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  • unbound

    Isn’t ignorance grand…

    Sadly, the parents who insist on being ignorant impact their own children (innocents) more than anyone else…

  • Konradius

    Even worse. What I’ve heard is that this disease is at it’s most deadly before the vaccinating time. So newborn babies who rely on the herd effect for protection are most at risk.
    These parents impact other people’s children even more than their own.

  • MikeMa

    Dorey should get the credit and the blame.

  • Cuttlefish

    I had a few students who argued “whooping cough is no big deal; vaccines can potentially harm you!”… until they found out that another student had had whooping cough. Damn, what a horrible thing, even for those who live through it!

  • David Stoeckl

    I’m in the eastern US. Curiously enough, I had Pertussis as an adult last year, 55 years after being vaccinated. I got it from my wife, who got it from her mother.

    I’ve heard anecdotally from a doctor that this is becoming more and more common. I don’t know if it relates to lower vaccination rates in children.

    • http://www.cupcakeporn.net/ Muffin

      @David Stoeckl: I highly recommend everyone watch a video from the Oklahoma Free Thought Convention about how vaccination works. I found it very informative:


      My understanding is that the protective effects from vaccinations can wear off over time, and you may need to get vaccinated again.

      And even when you do get vaccinated, you might not get a 100% immune response, so you rely on everyone else being vaccinated as well to reduce the entry points into the community for these diseases and stop them catching hold.

      As soon as you get a bunch of people refusing to be vaccinated, things go to pot, and then even people who have been vaccinated will get sick from all of the people who haven’t been vaccinated, and keep the disease moving around.

      And normally the people most at risk from dying from these diseases are babies and the elderly who cannot endure the terrible effects of the disease.

      And I hope you and your family got over it ok.