Weird Al Yankovic, Alice Cooper And Steven Tyler Sing The Beatle’s “Come Together”

New Years Eve 2012 party at Mala Restaurant, Wailea, Maui.

I’ll be back blogging in late Jan/early Feb.

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  • Ibis3, denizen of a spiteful ghetto

    Now that’s how to sing a John Lennon song.

  • fens

    My family and I stayed at the Wailea resort that houses Mala for a week, but had to fly home on the morning of the 31st.


    But with show tickets at $500 each and with no babysitter, I doubt we would have gone even if we had stayed another night.

    Of course, the college kids manning the snack bars and the towel stands know Tyler as “that old creepy burnout-looking guy on American Idol” and Cooper as “that old creepy burnout-looking guy who stays here now and then and plays a lot of golf.”

    They all know who Weird Al is, though.

  • Cuttlefish

    Weird Al… practically the patron saint of the parodist. I wonder if Cee Lo will be able to claim Weird Al’s court decisions to protect his changing of Lennon.

    I do note that only Yankovic was able to sing without a printout of the lyrics…

    • Kylie Sturgess

      Weird Al was just doing it for fun at an untelevised night, does that count? And Cee Lo sure as hell wasn’t doing a parody.

      • Cuttlefish

        I meant Weird Al’s whole career, actually–looks like he sang this song as written. And yeah, Cee Lo wasn’t doing parody, but that’s what I was wondering–would the same defense hold?

        looking around a bit, I see I have my facts wrong. Weird Al is not the lawsuit I was thinking of (it was 2 live Crew), and Al always seeks permission, and Cee Lo is a poopyhead.

        • WMDKitty


          • WMDKitty

            ACK! That was supposed to be a stand-alone comment! I haz a fail…

          • Kylie Sturgess

            We forgive you. :)

        • Kylie Sturgess

          Yes, Weird Al has never recorded a Prince song. He has, however, done them during live shows.

  • F

    Did we just branch off into another universe? Because I hope so.