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  • StevoR

    Which theme? :


    There’s been a few, well variations on the theme over the various regenerations!

    Also anyone else get Contact journey flashbacks when watching the Ecceleston one at the 5.05 mark?

  • StevoR

    For comparison purposes see :


    Incidentally, it has just occurred to me that a forensic examination of that damaged chair – its existence as damaged (vibration stress-fractured) in the way it was could perhaps have told the scientists at home a fair bit post-trip too.. Like that Ellie Arroways’ (spelling?) journey was real or at least took longer than it seemed!

    (‘Course there was the cover-up afterwards.)

    • Kylie Sturgess

      I still hear… WEEOOOOO WEEEEE OOOOOOOO… (rumpty dump rumpty dump rumpty dump) WEEE OOOOO WEE OOOOO A OOOO….

      • http://www.joaninhasnosotao.blogspot.com Laís Bignotto


        I feel the same!

        Loved this!

        rumpty dump…

  • Calli Arcale

    Absolutely. :-D Though occasionally I do appreciate it musically, most of the time I’m just “dumba-da-dumming” right along with it.

    A little over ten years ago, I had the chance to spend a month in London. One of my prized purchases during that trip was a leftover from Museum of the Moving Image’s Doctor Who exhibition. (They still have elements of the exhibition, just not the whole thing.) It’s a mug with the “lyrics” to the Doctor Who theme song on it (follow the bouncing TARDIS!):

    Dumba-da-dum, dumba-da-dum, diddly-dum, dumba-da-dum, dumba-da-dum, dumba-da-dum, diddly-dum, wa-ah-ahhhhhh-ahhhhahaaaa…..