An Australian In The Super (Puppy) Bowl!

Like… well, like everyone else on the planet outside of the grand ol’ USA… I don’t care much about the American Football thing.

Which, as a graduate of Notre Dame, might get some of the USC Trojans out there not giving much of a damn either.

From - Puppy Bowl scores big as alternative TV:

The Puppy Bowl is a two-hour display of puppies frolicking, scampering and even napping. They run up and down the miniature Animal Planet Stadium, which is made up to look like a massive football venue, complete with gridiron and a referee. The pups carry toys into the end zones for “puppy touchdowns.”

But I do love me some Australian ex-pat talent turning up in a game. Even if he’s more furry than Fighting Irish:

Here he is – awww. According to Time Magazine, he’s a miniature Australian Shepherd dog:

Miniature Australian shepherd dogs are easily trained and crave the approval of their peers, so Tattoo will likely look to shine on the field. But these pups have a tendency to try to take control of the situation, so Tattoo could encounter some fierce competition from teammates.”

Which thrilled me to bits, until I discovered something.

He’s not actually Australian.

“In 1968 Doris Cordova, a horse woman in Norco, California, began a breeding program specifically to produce very small breed founded with Australian Shepherds.”

He probably doesn’t even have the right accent.

I’m devastated. I haven’t been this disillusioned since I learned that the Footrot Flats Dog series was actually set in New Zealand.

Go Hunter the Boxer!!

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  • unbound

    Nice! My family actually spends more time watching the Puppy Bowl and the super bowl commercials than the actual game. We’ve been watching the Puppy Bowl since it started.

    Don’t forget the kitties at half-time.

  • F

    Tee hee!

  • Steve Dorst

    Hey! How about changing the first sentence to acknowledge that many of us INSIDE the USA care nothing for the Super Bowl, myself included!

  • RowanVT

    “Mini”-Aussies at least normally *look* like australian shepherds. I do not see any aussie of any type in that dog. In fact, I don’t see any type of herding breed in it. It’s a terrier mix to my eyes, and that’s what I’d call it if it walked into the vet clinic where I work.

    • Kylie Sturgess

      He doesn’t even have the cute orange eyebrows!

  • Aliasalpha

    So in essense this faux-stralian is the kangaroo riding akubra wearing fosters drinking guy in american movies that makes you cringe because it sounds like he’s from the north of england & consistently mangles saying “g’day”?

  • Winterwind

    What?! This dog isn’t even Australian?! I bet he swam over on a boat with all his friends and family and is now living in a council house with five hundred puppies being raised on taxpayers’ dollars! And he calls himself “Tattoo” – a nasty, foreign name if you ask me. What’s wrong with Bazza or Tommo? It’s just proof that these “Australian Shepherd” dogs refuse to integrate. We’re committing cultural suicide!

    I demand that this dog take a citizenship test and learn about Donald Bradman and Simpson’s Donkey if he wishes to stay here. Otherwise he should fuck off, we’re full!

    And someone should teach him about deodorant!

    • Kylie Sturgess


      The final winner? Fumble! “Nine-week-old Fumble, a Chihuahua/Terrier mix, was named Most Valuable Player of this year’s Puppy Bowl VIII – the annual mock super bowl show catering to animal lovers and pet adoption.”

  • raymills

    Well the fact that until the 81 springbok tour, Dog of was the mascot for the all blacks should have been a hint. although admittedly the cliched kiwi and aussie farmer do look rather similar. We gave the world bananaman cumfart and you gave the world ken hamster, so we both got something to apologise over

    • Kylie Sturgess

      I do love Dog. I think I was twelve when I realised that the Weta wasn’t an Australian insect (which explained why I’d never seen any… thank hades, they look nasty!)