Matt Parker – Maths Man: Best Superhero, Ever

[Title blatantly taken from Matt’s blog-post, where he really doesn’t do himself enough credit for taking a stand as he did]

This is Matt Parker – he’s a fellow QEDCon 2011 attendee (in fact, he did a fantastic gig on the evening of the first night) – and since I love hearing about local Perth people who do cool stuff, I’ve enjoyed catching up with him and have followed his career since.

Now he’s a local hero, over there in the UK too!

Police are hunting a brazen thief who posed for a photograph after stealing a mobile phone from a woman’s handbag on a train. The snap was taken by angry commuter Matt Parker, 31, who filmed the astonishing incident during an angry exchange with the teenage crook. 

Mr Parker, a mathematician who works part time at Queen Mary, University of London, said he was outraged when he witnessed the theft on a late night train.

…The victim, 34-year-old Deonne Farquharson said last night:”Matt was a hero.  It was wonderful that he stood up to this guy. I am glad no one got hurt and I just hope the thief gets caught.” 

Ms Farquharson, who works in finance, added:”Thankfully I only lost my new phone.  I managed to get back by bag, keys, credit cards, and cash thanks to Matt. 

“I am so grateful to him.” 

Police are now seeking the thief who got off the train at Weybridge, Surrey.

Warning, video has some swearing (as you might very well expect for someone who is watching some git blatantly steal a phone from a left-behind bag, after the video-maker has made an effort to get the phone back to its rightful owner):

You can follow along on Matt’s Twitter account as the story gets passed on to more and more people, more and more media outlets… and hopefully helps get the phone to its rightful owner!

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