Monday Morning Muse – From Pinning On Pinterest, Social Media-d Schools, To Musing About Menstrual Myths

Well, I’m on Pinterest. And according to

Watch out, Facebook; you’ve got new competition. According to, social-media site is now driving more referral traffic on the Web than Google+, YouTube, Reddit and LinkedIn combined. Started in 2009, the website is a virtual bulletin board where users display and share photos on subjects ranging from do-it-yourself crafts to food dishes to art.

Well, ground-breaking as it might be (hey, didn’t we use Tumblr the same way?) – I’m just using it to post things that amuse me:

As you can see, I’m fairly easily amused…

Oh, and there’s a board simply called “Pinterest Skepticism“. Make of it what you will (and you can, just join and add pictures).

In other news, I found this interesting Infographic on Social Media in universities, which has some interesting ideas (and poses some questions) about the relevance of Facebook, Twitter, et al in the classroom.

Click to embiggen it, it’s quite a read.


Finally – after enjoying the Skeptically Speaking episode #149 There Will Be Blood: Evolution and Function of Menstruation:

This week, we’re talking about what may be the most stigmatized facet of human reproduction. We’re joined by Dr. Kate Clancy, anthropology professor and science blogger, to learn about the physiology and function of menstruation, and the history of how it’s been considered in medicine and myth. And on the podcast, biologist P.Z. Myers looks atmenstruation from an evolutionary perspective.

SciCurious over on has a fantastic post called Friday Weird Science: Does your menstrual blood attract BEARS?!, which delves into studies after she was inspired by that podcast episode:

Then they did something REALLY wild. They had seven menstruating women HANG OUT with bears. The women hung out near the bears, even hand fed them (the bears were apparently well used to this). And they watched to see how often the bears sniffed at the women’s ladybits.

I’m not kidding. They first had seven ladies hang out with bears, and then they had one hand feed bears on and off her period for two months (wearing pads, not tampons). Would you hang with a bear for science?

Okay, that’s way wilder than anything I’ll post on Pinterest. Go enjoy the whole read (and listen to the podcast)!

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