Murdoch University – The Launch Of The Atheist And Agnostic Society

I’m about to run out the door to attend a lecture by Germaine Greer (it happens to be the opening night of the Perth Writers Festival), but here’s a few snaps from another first: The Murdoch University Atheist and Agnostic Society.

I met Robert of the MASS near the social sciences building, just on the edges of the Bush Court. Which is why all my photos are kind of washed-out, as it was a bright morning and the light was behind us. Sorry about that. Anyway, you can see Robert wrestling with the Sellotape here as he puts up the “Murdoch Atheist & Agnostic Student Society” sign, which is next to my very pretty Token Skeptic banner (which was a very kind gift by Barbara Drescher, a fellow blogger).


You can’t have a stall without THINGS. So, here are all the things. There’s a large octopus mascot (called Pharyngula), a bunch of magazines I had around that I thought might get people chatting (Skeptic magazine, an issue of New Scientist on Free Will, the Skeptical Inquirer and there’s a CFI Free Inquiry magazine that I picked up on my travels too). You may also notice the bowl of Fantales lollies – as every stall appeared to have a candy lure of some sort – and there’s some flyers about rationalism, posters for the Global Atheist Convention and some stickers with the Token Skeptic logo.

Okay, this photo? Is clearly too small. But THAT is a box of goodies that the Freethought University Alliance sent to the MASS! And it is fantastic. I can say that with authority, because a bunch of sign-ups happened after guys noticed that there were hot-pink Placebo bands and they wanted in on the action that would get them one. Freethinking guys are so predictable that way.

There’s also some nice flyers for the Global Atheist Convention too.

There’s Robert, running the show! There’s a sign for the octopus, offering him to babysit and eat your children. Funnily enough, he did stop a passing howling baby from being too upset, by distracting it. I highly recommend Ikea toys for all your entertainment needs.

Finally, many, many thanks to both Robert and Reece (in the middle) – I’m not a student at this University and I only came in for the early hours of the day to lend a hand and they allowed me to promote my podcast while I was helping out at the table. They have plenty of ideas for meetings and socialising with fellow atheists and agnostics, and I was really impressed by their inclusive attitude and friends (of all faiths) who came over to voice their support.

And I got to wear my new Four Horsemen 2012 t-shirt, designed by Neil Davies.

Big hellos also to the passers-by – there’s now over 50 people who signed on to the email list by the end of the day. Most enjoyable question we were asked: “Is this even legal??”

Murdoch’s Atheist and Agnostic Society can be found on Facebook.

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