Perth Celebrates Darwin Day On The 12th February – At The Zoo!

It’s all happening world-wide on the 12th February – in fact, there’s two events on the go in my town! With many thanks to the Perth Atheists, there’s a celebration of Darwin’s 203rd Birthday at the Perth Zoo:

Join us this Darwin Day in celebration of Charles Darwin’s 203rd birthday. We have some fascinating talks from experienced public speakers and a tour of the zoo lined up.

Lunch at 1 o’clock followed by some talks at approximately 3pm – friends, family and children welcome. Talks (starting at 3pm) include:

MC: David Frank, serial atheist and lay man who fell in love with biology while reading Armand Leroi’s Mutants, and Carl Zimmer’s Evolution: Triumph Of An Idea; Rachael Richards, high school biology teacher; Mike and Mindy Bamford, both zoologists / ecologists / ornithologists / herpetologists – their specialisation is that they specialise in everything!

Check out Perth Zoo for pricing information. The Facebook Event Page is at

If you can’t make it to this event, the WA Humanists are organising their own event from 4pm in Star Swamp, north of Trigg. 

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