Skeptical Inquirer And JREF (And Atheists & Skeptics At UWA O-Day Festival Today)!

I’m honestly wearing just one shoe and about to run out the door as soon as I find the other. But quickly:

The O-Day Festival is the BIGGEST student event on campus! 
Taking place on Friday 24 February 2012, the last day of O-Week, UWA explodes into life for the year with live music, giveaways, food, hundreds of stalls and thousands of students covering James Oval and Koort Kwoba Dandjoo (Guild Village).”

The UWA Atheist and Skeptics society has a stall and that’ll be near where it was last year apparently. Look for the red logo!

Just in passing – great article by Karen Stollznow with Damned If You Do, Damned If You Doubt on JREF site that is well worth reading:

There’s a time and place to preach to the choir, but for skepticism to be truly effective, we need to take our message beyond our own community.

Of course, once we venture outside of our group, we face people who haven’t heard of pareidolia, cold reading, logical fallacies, or even…gasp…James Randi!

On the other side of the coin, there are people who have heard of James Randi, but think he’s a closed-minded cynic, and that his check for one million dollars isn’t real.

Some argue that we want to attract the skeptical virgins, and that the hardcore believers can’t be ‘saved’ skeptically. I’m in the camp that wants to introduce novices to skepticism, and to work with skeptics, and believers. So, I ventured outside of the community by creating a blog at Psychology Today, and became a target for both skeptics, and believers…

Go comment and upvote it. Now. Before I find this missing shoe.

Finally – yes, that picture? It’s the new Skeptical Inquirer! Skepticism and Pop Culture! Sara Mayhew did the cover and Sharon Hill of Doubtful Blog features in it too.

If you’re not a subscriber to the magazine, you really should be – lots of new, relevant articles that will engage you and (as the photos from yesterday show, when I had them on the table of the Murdoch Atheist and Agnostic Society) they’re useful to show to people at events and put into offices and schools – rather than reel off some url that they’ll probably forget. It’s also something you can contribute to, as Sharon and Sara demonstrate, so subscribe here and enjoy the read.

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