The Forty Days Of Choice – Launches Today In The UK

It’s that time of year again, when anti-choice group 40 Days for Life celebrate the run up to Easter by picketing abortion clinics, spreading misinformation and generally making life difficult for women using services and clinic staff.

This year, inspired by the lovely 40 Days of Treats, we have decided to use the annual protest to celebrate the right to safe, legal abortion and run our very own 40 day choice-a-thon.  Every day we’ll be posting small, positive steps that we can all take to increase awareness of abortion rights and advocate for better access to reproductive health services.”

The previously run 40 Days Of Treats was the focus of an interview, which you can check out at the Token Skeptic podcast. As the site says, they will be starting today, Wednesday 22nd February with their first pro-choice action.

You can follow them on Twitter at @40DaysofChoice and add the Pro-Choice twibbon to your avatar to show your support for the campaign.

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