THIS Is Why You Should Fear And Respect Australian Women – Spam Scam Scam

Okay, the title is clearly hyperbole. But I laughed anyway:

A BRISBANE woman fleeced Nigerian scam artists by stealing more than $30,000 from their internet car sales racket, a court has been told.

Sarah Jane Cochrane-Ramsey, 23, was employed by the Nigerians as an “agent” in March 2010 but was unaware they were scam artists, the Brisbane District Court heard today.

Her job was to provide an Australian bank account through which they could funnel any payments they received through their dodgy account on a popular car sales website.

Cochrane-Ramsey was to keep eight per cent of all money paid into her account and forward the rest to the Nigerian scammers.

However, the court heard she kept the two payments she received – totalling $33,350 – and spent most of it on herself.

Rest of the story in The Australian.

For more reading on how absurd these scammers can be, check out Urgent and Confidential – Dean Cameron’s Nigerian Spam Scam Scam site (the stage show is running again this year on the east coast of USA) and the dangers of such “419” scammers via ScamWatch.

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