Token Skeptic Podcast – On Freethinking Students (And University Skeptic And Atheist Events In Perth)!

A quick reminder:

In addition – tickets are limited for the 2012 Student Leadership Conference – which is on Friday, April 13, 2012, held before the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne, Victoria. If you’re a student and planning to go, you must add this to your do-not-miss-event weekend.

Now out on the Token Skeptic podcast – Episode One Hundred and Nine – On FreeThinking Students – Rhys Morgan And Lyz Liddell.

This is with many thanks to Jason Ball of the Freethought University Alliance, Madge Carew-Hopkins and Ash Tyndall of the UWA Atheists and Skeptics Society and Felix Bloomfield of the The ANU League of Extraordinary Atheists.

In Australia, it’s the start of the University year. But is it simple to find or start a club for your atheist / secularist / skeptical / freethinking undergraduate self ? I’ve taken the challenge to find out what happens if you are a student who says “Perhaps there is no God…” Features interviews with Rhys Morgan and Lyz Liddell of the Secular Student Alliance.

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