UWA Atheist And Skeptic Society Go O-Day Festival!

After a fairly rotten morning (missing shoe, comments, impending global warming and so forth), I decided to cheer myself up by arriving at the University of Western Australia’s central campus via TARDIS.

And then it broke down. FML.


Some very nice students helped me tow it to the UWA Atheists and Skeptic Society booth, where I called Gallifrey Auto Repairs and they said they’d try to be there around lunch, give or take a century or two.

The team were already set up and had some flyers ready to give out. I forgot to get a copy of one, but they were really snappy.

This is the awesome linguistics professor Daniel Midgley, who is the hero of the club and saviour of little fluffy blue Darwin fish. He also has a podcast / radio show on RTR FM, called Talk The Talk! You have not graduated from UWA unless Daniel has been your linguistic professor. It’s a university statute or something.

Then I asked if the Freethought University Alliance box had arrived and Ash said “I haven’t checked the mailbox today!” and he ran off to see if anything had turned up.

Guess what – it had arrived! Out of nowhere, dozens of undergraduate men appeared to both sign up to join and take all the hot-pink placebo bands.

Samantha was busy all the time, taking down student names and numbers, and giving out Token Skeptic stickers and talking about the events that would happen this year – including the Global Atheist convention. A few people fell in love with and asked if they could have the ‘Darwin – Gradual Change You Can Believe In’ poster and we had to hide the remaining few and leave one on display, because we were starting to run out. Best of all, some of my ex-high school students turned up and signed on!

There were a LOT of people at O-Day. Since the stall was near several social (aka party) clubs, a few people glanced over and then came to have a closer look at what the table had to offer.

Around lunchtime, a bento box of babies for the atheists to eat arrived (yes, that’s a joke… they were more like a sushi-train), but I had so much unfinished business (e.g. write this blogpost and pack for Sydney) that I said my thanks to the very capable team for letting me be a part and headed home. Thanks again to Ash and the UWA Atheist and Skeptic Society team and check out their Facebook page for more events.

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