Where Is The Love, Oh Silly Christian Propaganda Group Who Hate The #AtheistCon?

I am in such a snit at the moment. I could almost start devoting days at a time to action role-playing computer games as a result. Because (oh be still, my bruised ego!) – it appears I have been left out of the cabal of hipsterness, the club of coolness, the…

Well, I wasn’t sent a sodding spam email, even though I’m at the 2012 Global Atheist Convention. HURT.

Actually, no. But I am counting my (non-Christian) blessings that I don’t have one more thing to delete from the in-box:

In case that isn’t too clear a picture – it’s Stella Young, who is a presenter at the Global Atheist Convention: a comedian, disability advocate and Editor of ABC’s Ramp Up, the online space for news, discussion and opinion about disability in Australia. She’s most puzzled about some unwanted correspondence.

Then, there’s a response by the equally awesome Shelley Segal, who has everyone raving about her music, particularly her newly-released “An Atheist Album”. She’s also been sent daft messages about her appearance at the convention.

[Oh, in passing – if you’re thinking of attending the Dinner, you probably have only a few hours left to nab a ticket, so do so!]

What the? Well, they’ve both been bothered by some group calling themselves The Regal Standard.

not that kind. But they are indeed the kind of people who should be taunted mercilessly by the French for their spamming:

Here’s a summary:

The Regal Standard was designed as a response to the second global atheist convention which is to be held in Melbourne. The atheist convention seeks to deny God, blame Christians for many evils in the world and discourage people from the faith. The Regal Standard acknowledges and honours God, proclaims the many great things he has done through his followers, and encourages people to follow God. The media will not be sympathetic to Christians. We need to produce our own.

As Protium has kindly written out on the AFA forum, their chief weapon is prayer!

10. Q. Are there other things we can do to complement The Regal Standard strategy?
A. Yes. Pray. Have 40 days of prayer prior to Easter. Have weekly prayer events culminating with the event. Plan special activities for the convention weekend. There will be much interest in God at this time. Extend invitations to your community and arrange special programmes, hospitality, welcoming gifts and information etc. Consider having a number of testimonies during your Sunday service or whenever, to let people see the reality of God in people’s lives.

You didn’t expect that, did you? NOBODY EXPECTS THE… hang on, they’ll come in again. Spam filter got in the way.

Of course, by the time I started writing this blog-post, my disappointment at not being sent any such spam has dissipated and I’ll instead devote my sulking-time in wearing a different atheist or secular or skeptic shirt for the Forty Days before the convention starts. Take that, elderberry-spammers!

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