A Brief History Of The History Channel

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  • michaelgreen

    The recent South Park episode “A History Channel Thanksgiving” really takes them to task for this descent into woo.

    Also, being South Park, there were a lot of jokes about stuffing.

  • furtivezoog

    A similar tragic decline has happened, to varying degrees, with The Learning Channel (TLC), Discovery Channel, and A&E. With the History Channel, these were touted, at one time, as replacements for the quality educational and cultural programming of public broadcasting.

  • ‘Tis Himself, OM

    I stopped watching The History Channel when it became The Hitler Channel so I’m not really aware of it becoming The Woo Channel.

  • michaelcross

    Add Nat Geo to the list. They’ve become little more than a network for stroking people in uniform and drug war mania pieces. Terrible.

  • carolw

    Sad but true. There’s little to no educational programming on TV any more. Our local PBS station has cooking, sewing, and painting. Happy little trees.