Cats, Cars And Taking A Little Break (New Podcast Episode Pending!)

Firstly, before anything else – check out Science On Top later today, to listen to Ed Brown and Dr Krystal of 3RRR’s Einstein A-Go-Go and Sarah Keenihan of Bridge 8 talk about the recent National Science Communicators conference (#ASC2012) that we attended in Sydney! I don’t know what the show will be called, but Ed has a habit of grabbing a funny phrase or off-handed comment during the show and making it the title. I hope it’s not a comment about @tribalscientist / Michael McRae’s new hairstyle. Because he hasn’t got any hair left. Ha.

Then, earlier in the week, Emma, Lee and Matt from Joy FM chatted with Jason Ball, Fiona Patten and me about the Global Atheist Convention! That’s already online here, with thanks to the GAC website, so I hope you enjoy it!


It’s astounding how one trip across the country can allow a whole pile of things to accrue.

My cat is now at the vet and staying overnight (much misery ensues for both of us); the car is at the repair place and will also be fixed overnight… I’ve got a jacket that is missing, technology fallouts and a conversation that has demonstrated it’s possible for wild tales about non-existent international phone-calls to be spun and lead to all sorts of bizarre misunderstandings. If only I had time for such transcontinental adventures on top of everything else I’m doing. Sheesh.

So, what now?

I have the new Skeptical Inquirer magazine in front of me, with several great articles in it (two authored by Sharon Hill! And one excellent investigation into Skeptical Epics by Sara Mayhew! With more by Karen Stollznow and Julia Lavarnway!) that I’m taking with me to the couch for the rest of the day.

I’ve got a court-case this week too. No, not about non-existent phone-calls. I was a witness to an assault in the city and was one of two people who went to the police to give an account of what we saw. I can’t give more details than that, but I’m a little nervous about it (who wouldn’t be) and it seems I’ll be on my own when I go. I’m thinking of heading in and treating myself to a nice breakfast and then heading home to hide under the couch for a while after.

This couch is going to get a lot of me-time, quite frankly.

Other than that – I have two great podcast episodes coming out on the Token Skeptic site that I hope people will enjoy and many thanks to everyone who continues to support the show. It was particularly cool to meet listeners at the recent Melbourne Young Australian Skeptics gig and I hope the efforts I’m making to improve the sound quality pay off.

Enjoy the audio, I’ve got a Skeptical Inquirer magazine that needs reading (go subscribe!). I’ll post later in the week and then see how the rest of the month pans out, as I have classes starting this month for my Psychology Grad Dip course and I want to get as much of that out of the way as I can before the Atheist Convention and the World Skeptics congress in Berlin.

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