Danger 5 – On SBS

I’m certain most people in Australia (well, the ones who give the TV arial a good kick and get reception to pick up the station) are watching this show already, but here’s the promo for the overseas sorts who want to know how cutting edge our comedy production values are getting these days.

All those years of watching The Prisoner, The Avengers, et al, are finally paying off…

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  • Aliasalpha

    You’re a fan of The Avengers & The Prisoner? I like you even more now, great taste!

    Is it my imagination or did Hitler look a bit like David Mitchell?

  • Francisco Bacopa

    Actually The Prisoner had very good special effects because they mostly limited effects to the oil glob “proto-rovers” and Rover itself.

    According to The Official Prisoner Companion Rover was supposed to be a robot and they supposedly made robot props. But the decision was made to use a large underinflated balloon pulled on a string. Now that’s an awesome effect. Cheesy robots aren’t nearly as scary as a balloon with no visible source of motive power and scary sound effects. We have notions of what a robot might do, but we have no notions of what a self-moving balloon can do. That’s why Rover was scary.

    It’s kind of like the “lamb in the Box” from the beginning of The Little Prince. Sometimes by providing less detail you engage the audience more.

    • Kylie Sturgess

      Rover. Scared. The. Hell. Out. Of. Me.

      If you see the film “Kate and Leopold” (dreadful, but has Hugh Jackman in it) – the time-travelling Leopold is on a couch at one point, watching his first TV show – staring aghast at a scene where Rover is bouncing along. I knew how he felt.