I’m A SocMed Star! And Vaccines to Change the World Lecture At Melbourne Uni!

Wahh, I won something! No, not an elephant, a certificate! Thank you, Bridge8!

Kristin: The ability to synthesise complex information and articulate it in a clear and concise way is a skill. When that is done well within a strict word limit under tight deadlines, it’s something to celebrate.

Kylie Sturgess (@kyliesturgess), Dr Krystal Evans (@dr_krystal) and Dr Sarah Keenihan (@sciencesarah) are worth celebrating. Over the course of the Australian Science Communicators Conference in 2012 they made sense of the content in short sharp bursts using a range of social media platforms. Kylie live-blogged many of the sessions, Krystal live-tweeted almost everything and Sarah both live-tweeted and provided Storify summaries.

Gosh. Very unexpected and very cool to be included with such company. I’d also like to thank my Grade Ten typing and shorthand teacher, Mrs Reislin, who always allowed me to use the AX-325 before school in order to develop a good WPM.

NEWS FLASH (and quick edit to toss this link in)Bora Zivkovicthe Scientific American editor, just gave a great shout-out in an interview to Digital Serendipities – for the Young Australian Skeptics blog anthology! And to Bec Crew and the SciBlogsNZ network and others! Wahhh!!

The skeptic blogging community is very strong in Australia and New Zealand, led (at least in my mind – I am not aware of the hierarchies in that group, really) by the amazing Kylie Sturgess, who recently published the first edition of The Young Australian Skeptics’ Skeptical Blog Anthology.

If you’re in Melbourne, I just got word of a very interesting (free!) lecture that’s taking place at Melbourne University – more details after the jump:

Vaccines to change the world Australia’s role in a critical global health mission – immunising against deadly diseasesThis forum marks the launch of Australia’s Role in the World, a partnership initiative between The University of Melbourne, the Australian Institute of International Affairs and UN Youth Australia to engage young people, academia and the wider public in debate about major global issues.

6:30-8:00pm, Thursday 22 March 2012 in the Spot Basement Lecture Theatre, 198 Berkeley Street, Parkville.

• Dr Seth Berkley, CEO of the GAVI Alliance 
• Mr Tim Costello, CEO of World Vision Australia 
• Sir Gustav Nossal, University of Melbourne 
• Dr Kate Taylor, Nossal Institute for Global Health, University of Melbourne

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