Penn Jillette And Tim Minchin At The Reason Rally Video

Okay – this one? It’s a little broken at the start. Bear with it.

Wait for about 1.20min until the glitch at the start fixes. Go get a cup of tea, put it on silent until the sound stops tapping and the video unfreezes… and you’ll have the conclusion of Penn Jillette’s talk and the Tim Minchin presentation.

Also, go check Digital Cuttlefish’s site, there’s more links there!

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  • articulett

    Thanks so much for posting!

    I caught this Tim Minchin song from the mid-ohio atheist ustream this morning– and just did a search for it on you tube–

    I think it was taped just after this clip:

    • Kylie Sturgess

      Hello! Thank you – just found another one too, just posted! :)

  • ‘Tis Himself, OM

    You can make a cup of tea in 1 minute 20 seconds? I’m impressed!

  • Tina Hunting-Lake

    Thank you very much for the link! And for those who aren’t familiar with Tim Minchin and don’t find a follow-up video, Tim’s speech is in all likelihood a prelude to his song ‘Thank You God’. It’s in YouTube for us to enjoy, so do go check it out if interested in this chap.