Support Operation iScam – Today!

For us here in Australia, it means that you can purchase the Scam School book up until midday on the 15th March to help it get into the #1 spot across all e-platforms. It’s by Brian Brushwood, a magician and fellow skeptic, who has done great work with his shows to promote an understanding of frauds and scams.

“Scam School Book One’s media-rich format allows you to learn tricks with unprecedented depth, supported by hundreds of photos, over 40 videos, and 70+ audio commentaries… Scam School Book One is the most advanced magic instruction book created to date.”

How it works: Digital sales rankings are determined by the current number of incoming purchases. If only a few thousand people click “buy” during the day of release, Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble will assume the book has become wildly popular and put it at the #1 spot in their rankings.

So what do I do?: On release day, March 14, head on over to iTunesAmazon, or Barnes & Noble and search “Scam School Book 1,” then purchase the book – it’s as easy as that! For launch day we’re reducing the price from $9.99 down to a measly $4.99!

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