The Young Atheist’s Handbook – Interview, Reader’s Guide And Teaching Notes Now Out

Tremendous thanks again to Alom Shaha for agreeing to an interview for the Token Skeptic podcast prior to his successful Australian tour.

He’s got a number of interviews out that I’ve mentioned, such as 3RR and John Safran, but I’m so very pleased to announce that Embiggen Books features a transcript of my one!

Alom Shaha: I feel like I’m on the verge of having a massive change in my life.

I’m an unknown writer. I’m a new writer, and I’ve had some very good friends, people whose opinion matters to me, read the book. They’ve been, I think, very surprised at how personal it is. To be honest, I probably haven’t quite come to terms with that, and I’ll be confronted with it when I have conversations like the one I’ve just had with you, when somebody says, “Oh, I already knew that about you,” because I’ve written it in the book. As I said, I think that will be interesting.

…I’m nervous that some people will just have a knee-jerk reaction to the book, will literally judge the book by its cover. That’s sad, really.

You can read the full interview over at the Embiggen Books blog.

Here’s a picture of Canon Frank Sheehan, the School Chaplain and Director of the Centre for Ethics at Christ Church Grammar School, looking very happy with Alom’s book. Unfortunately the recording I made wasn’t the best due to phone interference nearby, but here’s a bit from what said about it at UWA:

“I’d like to say that Alom’s book (which is the only one I’ve read thus far) is one that we’d use at our school, in our religious education class. I think it’s a wonderful book, a very beautiful book and it’s a book that should be engaged with.”

Thus I’m very proud to say that the Reader’s Guide / Teaching notes for The Young Atheist’s Handbook features on Alom Shaha’s site:

Teaching Notes for The Young Atheist’s Handbook.pdf

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