Tim Minchin At The Reason Rally – Video

I posted this one to Digital Cuttlefish (go check their links!) and many thanks to everyone who suggested other ones (Hello!) – here’s another good one featuring a song about Sam’s mum.

Yes, it is indeed a bit wobbly at parts (so many people to look around!) but still as enjoyable as I remember from the tour he did in Australia. I nearly cheered at the geographical reference to a local city.

No longer available due to a copyright claim – I hope you get the official album, available here.

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  • http://spaninquis.wordpress.com/ Spanish Inquisitor

    Whoops. Oh, well. I enjoyed the original yesterday, on the feed.

  • Benjamin

    I can’t find track lists on his website for the albums. I’d love to buy all of Tim’s stuff (and probably will eventually) but can’t afford to do that right now. So, would you happen to know which album sam’s mum/thank you god can be found on?

    Thanks very much in advance!