An Unconventional Convention Cleanout Of #AtheistCon Bag

It’s not easy blogging with a phone, but here’s the contents of my laptop bag (sans laptop) from the Sunday night after the Global Atheist Convention.

My presenters lanyard, in silver, with gold pass and dinner pass.

USB stick (for photos)
Hotel door card
A programme from the Freethought Student Alliance event that I was going to get signed by Chris Stedman, but forgot!
Notepad and pen
Red apple
Qantas airline receipt
Notecards from the introductions I gave (I’m kind of old-school when it comes to palm cards)
My chocolate molecule earrings from Made With Molecules (you can get them here –
A Builders Bar that Eugenie gave me (apparently she takes them to conferences)
A ticket-stub from Lawrence Leung’s show ‘Beginning, Middle and Ends that I saw
A cat-shaped box of playing cards and a green ribbon – a birthday present! Thank you and many hugs, Catherine!
A Neil Davies ‘Four Horsemen shirt (I’ll tell the story later…)
My black and white skulls headband by Wheels and Dollbaby (Perth fashion represent!)
My bathtub and bedside relaxation travel book, “Special Topics in Calamity Physics”
A program from the Global Atheist Convention, signed by all the presenters.

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