An Unconventional Friday And Saturday Convention Post #AtheistCon

I’m backstage at the moment (finally got myself wifi), and Daniel Dennett is nearby, digging though his bag to find his phone. He is not a Twitter-user and doesn’t seem enthused about the prospect of Twitter at all. “What do people do with it?” I’ve shown him that it’s kind of like a bulletin-board, with updates in real time, jokes, banter, debates and news… but he’s a little baffled as to the appeal. I doubt he’ll be nattering to Leslie Cannold online any time soon.

AC Grayling is on the TV in the background, talking about the vaccuity of using the name God and how it can be replaced with the name “Fred” to illustrate that point. His daughter believes in the tooth-fairy… and he has admitted that there is more empirical proof for it.

Lawrence Krauss is selecting cookies and there’s a documentary crew snuggled in the corner of the room, filming him. I shouldn’t show up in the final product; I’m in another corner writing this.

AC Grayling has just used two words to illustrate why faith-ghettoisation doesn’t work: “Northern Ireland”.

Right – photos from the last day and a half – Friday night drinks, before the show starts:

Before the comedy gig.

Grant – The Sound Master Jedi.

Creationists, late at night.

People picking through the books to buy.

Shelley Segal’s album on sale!

What it’s like from the stage.

Lawrence Krauss and Dan Dennett, chatting to Jason Ball.

Finally – cookie time as AC Grayling talks about David Hume in the background.

Which leaves us here, typing on my computer in the corner. I hope you’re enjoying the show and I’m glad that the vegetarians are now happy about the food being clearly labelled.

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  • Michael

    You’re doing an awesome job, Kylie – fantastic conference

  • Mike de Fleuriot

    You do know that vegetarian is an old Indian word for “Failed Hunter”, right?

    • ‘Tis Himself

      I peeked. I knew there was a reason for:

      Comment by Mike de Fleuriot blocked. [unkill]​[show comment]

      • Kylie Sturgess

        ????? What are you referring to?

  • Mike de Fleuriot

    Am I right in thinking that Prof Dennett is huge?

    • Kylie Sturgess

      Tall, yes. A few Santa Claus jokes.

  • onefuriousllama

    It looks like an awesome conference! I wish so much I could have been there :/