An Unconventional Not-Quite-Convention Post #AtheistCon

My feet hurt.

That’s it, back to what you were doing.

Hey, the UWA Atheists and Skeptics got a shout-out in the West Australian newspaper!


Oh, look, it’s the view from my hotel room…

My hotel view


Okay, that’s not all that’s been going on, but here’s the VERY RAPID SUMMARY.

The hotel I’m in doesn’t have wireless. Argh. So, if I blog, it’ll be from another computer and likely to be as regular as I like. Sod darn bugger bloody hell bottom and tits.

I nearly feel better.

 Other than that, there’s limited internet access at the Convention Centre, which means I might just write as rapidly as I can using a Word document and hope to all hades that things post when I want. Pigs, flight – yes, I know.

I went to Embiggen Books – hello and much love to everyone I probably hugged seventeen times in my incredibly jet-lagged state. Especially everyone that Warren mentions in the Tweet that I’ve favourited here. You are all wonderful. Here’s just one picture from my camera from last night:

Embiggen Books - Warren Bonett, Peter Ellerton and Peter Doherty

and after additionally seeing Lawrence Leung perform live (and brilliantly), a day touring the Melbourne Museum with PZ Myers and a great group of people… yes, proper photos soon, promise – HUGE thanks to Rolf who features in the one here:

…I went and got myself lost looking for an internet cafe and now I have to let my feet rest. Sorry to the AFA gang who had dinner, I just couldn’t walk anymore!

I’ll try writing tomorrow, but until then, thanks everyone who has said hello, joined me in running around Melbourne and all the fun – and it’s not even the start of the convention!

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