Google Exodus – Passover movie

Thanks to Petra Boynton for this find.

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  • lcaution

    Thank you. That’s a real treat … and more impressive the more one watches. Does make that first-born part really spooky…

  • melior

    My gf had never heard the “story of passover”. When I explained to her that it celebrated when god killed all the babies except the ones whose parents were in the cool club so they knew to paint a bloody splotch on their door so he would “pass over” their house and not kill their baby too, she kinda flipped out.

    At first she was totally convinced I was making that shit up… she knows I think religion is kookoo but not all of it is dangerous-and-scary psychopathic kookoo some of it is just foma, as Kurt Vonnegut would say.

    I got stuck at the part where I tried to explain how to some people this was a reasonable thing for a loving god to do to babies, but it just came out sounding horrific, primitive, and sadistic. “No, you see, they believe they were *bad* babies, from *really bad people*,” I tried to explain and she looked at me like, this is *not funny* at all. No matter how awful their parents or other ancestors were.

    Happy Passover!