Let Them Know – Activism With The Australian Book Of Atheism

Two quick announcements, both about promoting atheism and from different sides of the globe!

You may have already heard from other FTBloggers that another convention, SkeptiCon, is gearing up for later in the year and they’ve announced a promotion – Skepticon T-Shirt Pre-order Information with shirts at $20 each with free shipping with sizes up to 5XL (additional cost starting at 2XL). They’ll go into production by July or if they reach over 75 orders. The special order code is FtBFtW.

Closer to home, there’s a new venture launching today:

Warren of Embiggen Books has a new campaign that’s firstly being launched via Facebook campaign during the Global Atheist Campaign and it starts on April 5th. It follows the UK example of sending The God Delusion to politicians to protest how religious and faith-based organisations have a privileged position, often being granted special status under the law, and exemption from legislation which other organisations must adhere to.

I’ve already sent two copies out – one to the Premier of my state, Colin Barnett and the other to Peter Garrett, the Minister for School Education, Early Childhood and Youth – especially after the chaplaincy program started to change in 2011.

See the Facebook page at Let Them Know to join in too!

Let Them Know has been set up for the single task of letting Australian politicians know that atheists exist – and that they vote.
Deliver some Australia’s finest writers on atheism and secularism into the hands of your local Federal MP. Join hundreds of like-minded Australians in making a loud and articulate statement about the need for a strong separation of church and state by physically mailing them a copy of The Australian Book of Atheism.
With the upcoming Global Atheist Convention and the recent Census “Mark No religion” campaign there couldn’t be a better time to bring home the message to every single MP in the country. We have the arguments — so now it’s time to back it up with the strategy. Let our politicians know that their public piety is unacceptable and sucking up to religious lobby groups for votes even less so. 
The Brits managed to get 826 people to join their campaign in 2007 with the God Delusion — will this be a case where our British counterparts thrash us on the field or can we match their efforts? 

The aim is to send these out between the 5th and 10th of April in the lead up to the Convention to provide the maximum impact. Let Them Know that Australian’s who value a strong secular society free from the religious posturing and moralising designed to appease loud religious interests will no longer be silent.
Buy the book at Embiggen Books at cost for $23.00 or order it from your local bookseller for $35. Copy the letter on our campaign Facebook page (www.facebook.com/atheismaustralia) or write your own. Find the address details for your MP and senators on our page as well. Once you’ve done this, post on this page or email Embiggen Books which MP you’ve chosen so that we don’t double up. 

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