Little Adventures Post-Global Atheist Convention At The Airport

This is what happens when I’m operating on little sleep. Melbourne airport becomes a wonderland of woah. I wish I was still in Melbourne (and somehow triplets) so I could see three Fringe events at the same time, but… it’s great to be home.

I must have used their bathrooms dozens of times. Why have I never noticed this before?

Pretty damned accurate, I must say. No, not photoshopped. That’s what it says.

Here’s something that had the storekeeper try to frighten me (“NO photos!) – but I was so dizzy-sleepy that I just started joking with him and we had fun. Persian fairy-floss!

“What is quadong?” I asked?
“About $24.95,” he said.

Prominent at the airport bookstore. *sigh*

Even better – on the front Feature stand – The Book of Rachael!

Finally – I met earlytetrapod , GrayhOZ & PhylumChordata! You should follow them on Twitter and not just because of their cool taste in shirts.

Then I curled up for about three hours on a plane and I can’t feel my feet and I inhaled a packet of peppermint chocolate and I have a cat who is alternating between nibble-purring my face or pouting on the floor about how I’ve left her ALL ALONE for a whole CENTURY.

Blog-post about the Global Atheist Convention, comedians whose material I didn’t like; atheist women who said something about it on the STAGE and not just to the coordinators or online; amazing presentations; the most wonderful crew of a convention ever in the history of ever –  and how I got kidnapped by Richard Dawkins and Ayaan Hirsi Alitomorrow.

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  • Steve

    How many fairies had to die for that floss?

    • Aliasalpha

      Its made from faries? I thought it was the stuff you used to get faries out from between your teeth

  • Tania

    Was this the bookshop at Melbourne airport? If so, then I picked up that Portable Atheist and sighed at missing Hitch also, and then turned around and squealed that they had The Book of Rachael, and then I purchased it!
    Thanks so much for your fantastic work ( x 4000 I am sure ) – you did a great job!

  • Margaret

    Quandong is a native fruit:

    At the Sydney Easter Show, they sell jam made from the stuff, my mother picks some up every time she attends.