Q Is For Qualia, The Musical! Rejected Philosophy Essay Questions

I’m making a list of exam recipients, checking it twice before sending it out – and on the other side of the paper I have a list of essay questions that didn’t make the cut. Not even close.

In fact, most of them were just efforts to shake my brain into doing some work on exam writing, rather than reading the lovely blog-post by Anna over on her site: Highlights from the 2012 Global Atheist Convention.

I was drawing on the 2A and 3A syllabus-dot points from here, in case you were wondering. Here’s the short-list of whatonearthIwasthinking:

1) We should just let mind and body do a pay-per-view cage-match on WWE Wrestling and sort it out once and for all. Discuss.

2) Families are non-contractual relationships but they should be, especially around holidays and birthdays. Discuss.

3) “Yes! We are all individuals!

I’m not.” Discuss.

4) If our decisions are the inevitable product of environment and genetics, then will Qualia! The Musical! flop on opening night? Discuss.

5) The Golden Rule may be all well and good, but try using it when you’re a character in the Game Of Thrones. Discuss.

6) We will never have true justice and equality until we recognise the rights of Cybermen. Or at least the human bits of them. Discuss.

7) Criteria for a good society should include a wiffle-bat fight at the end of every episode of Q&A. Discuss.

8 ) Personal identity requires self-knowledge of one’s gender, race, class, ethnicity and the ability to acknowledge your phone’s ringtone in about two seconds. Discuss.

9) We have obligations to the non-human world, it’s just that they’re too damned hard to do. Discuss.

10) Why the hell should I care? Discuss.

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