Quick Unconventional #AtheistCon Update For Today

I had someone comment about the Fringe events – they are listed here on the official site and I mentioned a whole bunch of them here as well.

Early morning update! Sent from the Convention itself about today:

Earlybird registration will open at 2:00pm tomorrow for anyone keen to beat the queues. Drinks and canapés will kick off at 6:15pm.

‘Check-in’ on Facebook via the official Facebook page on your smartphone or tablet device.

Limited tickets still available and can be purchased at the Information Desk (cash only).

Tune into ABC News Breakfast at 7:40am tomorrow for an interview with Eugenie Scott WHICH MEANS IN EXACTLY TEN MINUTES FROM MY POSTING THIS! Now I have to run upstairs and turn on the radio while eating cornflakes.

Catch Dan Barker & Annie Laurie Gaylor on The Conversation Hour with Jon Faine at 11:00am on 774 ABC Radio Melbourne.

And finally, check out our cover story in the Melbourne City Weekly! Well done to Jason Ball, Shelley Segal and Leslie Cannold!

Oh, and Richard Dawkins is on http://tenbreakfast.com.au this morning too.

Right. Cornflakes time. Later today, the FreeThought University Alliance get-together [“Please note the event is at the Melbourne EXHIBITION Centre (next to Melbourne Convention Centre). Suite 1, Level 5. Registration from 11:30am, Lunch from 12:00noon.”] and you might see me about with Lawrence Leung.

I’ll get to say hi to Chris Stedman in person! I’ll be wearing the Jewel Box Nebula, with my dress. No, that’s not me in the picture – tights aren’t pants.

Then it’s the opening night… catch you from the stage!

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